I would like to thank all the people that allowed me to take their photo for my project, M.
'Photograph a stranger project' is not a fashion or a portrait portfolio.
(Photographs are presented in a chronological order from the first one published on the 1st of September 2018 till the present day.)
For more info about the project and updates scroll down...
01.09.2018 - Lately, by an accident, I heard about a project called "Photograph a stranger". That idea caught my full attention and I thought it is something I would love to do..for many reasons. Taking into account that I am an introvert I thought it is also going to be a good exercise for me to overcome my weaknesses. I have to say that it was veeery difficult to start off, but once I did I was surprised how many people loved the idea and happily let me take the photos of them. 
The first person I photographed was this lady with her friend and when I've seen them I just had to ask them for a photo. I was very lucky that my very first strangers were so nice and cool!

I like to have the goal in what I'm doing, therefore I came up with an idea to photograph 365 strangers - 1 for every day of the year. I am very excited about this project and I invite you to be a part of it with me :)
09.12.2018 - A 100 strangers it is definitely a milestone! I can't believe it went passed so quickly. Most "Photograph a stranger" projects finish at this point, but I had a feeling it will come too soon and I will miss it too much :D. The project is therefore continuing and I could not be more excited about it :D
07.01.2019 - New year at last! Every time when I am going to the city in the search of 'Strangers' I wonder, when it will be officially forbidden to use this word - stranger. After over 4 months of photographing unknown to me, accidentally met people I can definitely say that I am bringing a lot of confusion to them when I am trying to present the project. No wonder, after all, there is so many ways you can interpret the word 'stranger'. Nevertheless, in my project the adjective 'Stranger' means nothing more than someone who is unknown to me and without any arrangements I randomly approached on the street.  Just so you know :D
Another often reaction is the question through the shy smile "Why me?" :).  Well, the universe made you interesting and clearly magnetic :) 
Disclaimer to all the people by any chance maybe seen me passing them with camera and not asking for the photograph. I was probably to shy to ask ;)
06.02.2019 - Now, that there is quite a gallery of the project I can see how my editing is changing over the time. I am keep trying new things, new styles, new colors. However I am not and I was not trying to make all the photographs the same. I approached to every person, or every photograph individually as I thought they deserved it. I hope you are on board with this concept. 
I am looking forward to check myself here :) How will that progress and develop over further months. Stay with me.
20.02.2019 - I would like to make a statement, that 'Photograph a stranger project' is not a fashion or a portrait portfolio. It is not staged, set up, posed or fashioned in any way photo-shoot that ordinarily more or less would consist of these features. I am photographing people on the exact spot that I am approaching them and the only thing I am asking for is to look into my camera lens. I am trying each time not to disturb the activity that they were in the middle of (as much as it's possible :) ). Entire meeting last average 1-2 minutes. This project is for challenging and motivational purposes only. It is something that asks me - Can you do this? To which I am keep answering - Yes, I can!
10.05.2019 - There are days like today that are simply demotivating. Something to do with the weather (which is terrible like for this time of a year), something to do with a tiredness, as I work at nights when everyone is asleep and I can focus on what I need to focus on. Anyway.. I went to the city today thinking, damn..it's really not a day I feel like I can do it.. or like a day when I look/sound/feel convincing.. Sometimes I feel like instead of healing some social anxiety I am developing it further haha. However knowing what is happening I decided to overcome this feeling and push through it. Getting first photo, then the next gave me so much energy again. I have met so many nice people today again. Every time when I come home after 'photo-hunt' I feel tired - yes, but also so build up inside. On top of that I know that I am actually getting the project done. This is a fantastic feeling and it is definitely worth it to push through your anxiety or panic 'attacks'. Just remind yourself what awaits you after. 
11.05.2019 - You may see couple of people who are not looking in a camera. Let me reassure you, everyone who I photographed - knew and agreed - to having their photograph taken. Even if they are not looking in a camera. No cheats, no sneaks, no breaking the rules here ;)
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